Smith Boughan, Inc. and its experienced team have made the process of working on our OSFC building project very easy and straight forward. By preparing an energy use benchmark report for us, they helped us understand where we stood in relation to other school districts and pointed to energy saving areas where we needed improvement. I highly recommend their professional team for your project
Mark Ellerbrock, Treasurer – Columbus Grove Local Schools
I have worked in facilities management, engineering, maintenance and other skilled labor fields in my 25 year career and I have had experience with a lot of contractors over that time. I do not hesitate to say that Smith-Boughan is not only the best mechanical / plumbing contractor I have worked with but also has been the contactor that has earned my trust more than any contractor/vendor of any type.
Apollo Career Center – Roy Gillespie, Facility Manager
There has been a number of construction projects I have managed at Apollo and due to the requirements the State of Ohio has for schools to accept low bidders, Smith-Boughan has not always been awarded the work. A lot of contractors will bid very low and try to make up costs with change orders and skimp on materials that are not in the job specifications. Because Smith-Boughan has extremely high quality and ethical standards, they will never try to get work using these methods.
Apollo Career Center – Roy Gillespie, Facility Manager
Smith-Boughan has been an invaluable help for us in maintaining the heating and cooling needs of our four buildings. Their responsiveness to our immediate needs have always been above and beyond the call of duty. The technicians who service our buildings have always been of very high quality, courteous and focused on meeting the needs of the job at hand.
Shawnee Local Schools– Paul J. Nardini, Superintendent
Smith-Boughan has repeatedly demonstrated a genuine care and sensitivity for our facility and our corporate mission. Their responsiveness to our needs has always been timely and effective. From a facility management and project management point of view, their dedication and professionalism in solving so many of our mechanical issues is very much appreciated. It is a joy to work with them.
The Way International – Mike Prall, Minister
Of prime importance in accomplishing the critical shutdown work was Smith-Boughan’s innovative fabrication of custom jigs for performing accurate piping modification and installation work, as well as their undertaking to pre-assemble piping spools/valves before lifting and setting the assemblies into congested areas.
ISP – Randy Bickel, Operations Engineer
Smith-Boughan's flange make-up procedure was meticulous and textbook perfect. I was particularly impressed with how well organized the job was and how well information flowed through all levels within their organization.
Martin J. Moran, Moran Engineering Project Manager, Fort Amanda Specialties
I have learned from experience that you get what you pay for and we have had some bad experiences with other mechanical/plumbing contractors on bid jobs that we ended up calling Smith-Boughan as consultants or to fix problems that the low bid contractors messed up.
Apollo Career Center – Roy Gillespie, Facility Manager