Sheet Metal Division

We can help you improve the way work gets done by providing additional insight and greater predictability on your next project. Our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), along with our skilled craftsmen and modern facilities enables us to remove barriers before they happen. This makes it easier to pre-fabricate assemblies in a quality controlled environment thus reducing field installation time and expense.


BIM is the crystal ball of the construction world

We utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM), which provides a three dimensional, visual representation of a building and its systems before it is even constructed. Through the use of clash detection software, conflicts can be resolved before they become a problem in the field. While there are added up front costs associated with using BIM, these costs are typically offset by the benefits BIM offers, along with additional overall cost savings. These savings come from the ability to prefabricate directly from the BIM model, with more accurate schedules, enhanced communication between trades, and reduction in change orders among other factors. In essence, BIM is the crystal ball of the construction world. It allows our contractors to see into the “future” of the project. While not all issues can be foreseen, the use of BIM can keep obstacles to a minimum.