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Why hire UA STAR certified technicians? Assurance you have the best


Say you’re a facilities manager or the owner of a commercial building and you’re trying to find the top technicians or piping professionals for quality work, do you know what to look for? One thing you should absolutely seek are professionals who are UA STAR Certified.

DEFINITION: “The UA STAR program is a HVACR service technician certification program backed by the United Association of the Plumbing, Pipefitting and Sprinklerfitting Industry of the United States and Canada.” –

The UA STAR Certification is about assurance. Working with UA STAR Certified HVACR Service Techs, plumbers, pipe fitters and sprinkler fitters means you have hired a technician with extensive training and experience to excel in these mechanical services.

Following a five-year training program, these technicians must pass a comprehensive exam. Once they have completed both, their certification is proof they are the best trained professionals in:

—    Mechanical Systems

—    Electrical Systems

—    Controls

—   AC & Refrigeration

—   Heating

—   Steam Systems

—   Plumbing

—   Ventilation

—   Piping

—   Lifting Equipment

—   Safety

—   Mathematics

—   Customer Service

UA STAR training includes a five-star program in which technicians meet and surpass many high standards:

— Technicians participate in an extensive and thorough five-year education program that includes 1,200 hours of both classroom education and hands-on training.

— The extensive training program allows technicians to gain understanding of “every aspect of commercial, industrial and institutional building mechanical systems’ operation,” along with important skills such as customer service and safety, according to the Mechanical Service Contractors of America United Assocation.

— Participation in the only HVACR training and exam program that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and is certified by the ISO 9000. What does that mean? These technicians have literally met and passed the toughest standards in the industry.

It’s a program that is taken very seriously, in fact the UA spends $110 million on training to make absolutely sure their critical skills and not only developed but maintained, according to the MSCA.

Also, the UA STAR exam is independently reviewed by the National ITC Corporation, which is internationally recognized, ISO certified and ANSI-accredited for the HVACR industry. That independent, third-party certification means you can be sure technicans have earned their certification.

service-vans-2Did you know Smith-Boughan Mechanical Services currently has seven UA STAR certified technicians who have successfully completed these highly stringent testing and certification standards. Also, we are the only UA STAR Qualified Contractors in West Central Ohio and that less than one percent of HVAC service contractors in the United States meet these high requirements? Call us today at 419-991-8040 or get a free custom quote (LINK).


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