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Finding solutions for Northview Laundry


Recently, we helped Northview Express Laundry address and solve a host of problems: Laundry1

  1. Northview Laundry was having problems with hot water heating equipment that was 20-plus years old.
  2. The natural gas atmospheric burner was inefficient.
  3. With high lint/dust concentration in the ambient air, the burner was prone to delayed ignition and flame roll out. Both are serious problems that could lead to fire or explosion.
  4.  A replacement utilizing sealed combustion  was desired, thus eliminating those concerns.


The circulating pump operates with high amps due to higher than normal pressure drop through the old boiler, causing wasted energy any time the system is operating.





Piping was not insulated, allowing for constant heat losses.











Armor Laundry4
Smith-Boughan recommends installing a Lochinvar ARMOR ultra-efficient condensing replacement system which includes:
• A stainless steel heat exchanger;

• A sophisticated electronic controller;

• A variable firing rate for optimal load matching efficiency;

• A sealed combustion chamber for added safety;

• A high-efficiency boiler mounted pump.


All exposed piping insulated for increased overall system efficiency.


Clean unobtrusive inlet and outlet flue piping. Looks good on exterior of any building/structure.


This project was performed with minimal downtime for the facility. Pre-planning and pre-fabrication allowed Smith-Boughan to shut the water off to the facility around 5 p.m. and water service was restored around 2 a.m. the next morning.

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