Energy Assessment/Audits


We know you’re driven by rising utility costs, quality service demands, and rapidly developing technologies. With our energy audits we will perform a comprehensive survey, thorough assessment of your building, and provide you with a unique approach to preventive maintenance.

Utilizing Building Advice™, a portable wireless system for assessing building performance, we can provide you with professional, detailed reports that document opportunities for you to save money and improve tenant comfort.

What you’ll see

Control your costs
Through documentation, reporting, and historical data, we’ll identify ways for you to cut maintenance costs and avoid unnecessary spending.

Increase comfort for employees or tenants
Your people are your most important asset. We’ll help you to minimize complaints and improve comfort by reporting on set-points and documenting the complete tasking of maintenance.

You’ll save money on utility and energy costs
Through documenting temperature, lighting and ventilation controls, and through benchmarking, we will identify savings opportunities, including low-cost or even no-cost options.

Plan improvement better

Take the guesswork out of your planning with documented justification for improvements. Including repairs, retrofits, and replacements for your HVAC systems.

Peace of mind
You can be assured that our certified technicians know what they’re doing and have critical awareness of systems operations.

How we do it

Getting started is simple. The solution to reducing your costs and getting the best performance out of your building is straightforward. Our process typically includes:


  • An initial meeting
  • Equipment survey
  • Building performance assessment
  • Preliminary recommendations
  • Program recommendation
  • Implementation schedule

To learn more about how you can lower energy costs view our Energy Assesment Report Samples.

View Energy Assessment Report Sample