Building Energy Management Systems


trendTrend Control Systems are designed to simplify interaction with HVAC equipment and to enhance integration into your existing business systems and processes. The system provides you with unparalleled levels of access, control, and ease of use. In turn, it improves comfort within your working environment.

Trend’s product portfolio includes programmable and fixed function controllers, supervisory software, and peripheral devices. These can be used for large multi-site applications or small single building installations.

IQ3xcite-1Trend Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) play a crucial role in tens of thousands of buildings. Operating silently and largely unseen, they provide accurate, efficient control and monitoring of heating, ventilation and air conditioning of a facility.

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It’s flexible

You get the data you want, how you want it, whenever and wherever you need it. We offer you the flexibility to log in and manage your facility wherever you are with a web connection. No matter which platform you use, the intuitive graphical screens are just as easy to use.

Our Trend Control System allows you to view and manage buildings from anywhere in the world.

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Whenever and wherever

Our energy dashboards offer you the ability to monitor how your facility is operating. You can then analyze that data against industry benchmarks to help identify what you may need to do to reduce your building’s energy usage and improve efficiency.

We’ve got the experience

We added energy management and building automation to our list of mechanical services back in the early 1980’s. Since then we have successfully installed more than 200 building automation systems, and provided solutions to a variety of clients within the healthcare, commercial, institutional, government, retail, and light industrial markets in northwest Ohio.

We are factory authorized Trend Technology Center (TTC) and Novar Technology Center (NTC) for the Northwest Central Ohio region.

Control your energy expense

Remote building monitoring provides peace-of-mind for mission critical spaces, while maximizing the performance and energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Whether it is reacting to alarms or investigating the system, communication with the site remotely provides the opportunity to evaluate and respond accordingly.

This technology allows you to trend energy usage throughout buildings and work as a tool to monitor and control energy expense and capital expense planning. Now you can manage your buildings with better data and improve your returns on the building investment.

  • 24/7 Peace-of-Mind for Mission Critical Spaces
  • Maintain Peak Performance, Maximize Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Service Call Expenses
  • Expedite Emergency Response Times
  • Early Warnings of Systems Failure
  • Historical Data and Trend Analysis