Architectural/Specialty Metal Fabrication




Specialty fabricated items are rarely routine but are seen often in our sheet metal shop. From bake ovens to food processing machinery, from dip tanks to assembly hangers, from ventilation hoods to automobile mounting brackets … we can do it all for you. And, we’ll work with vendors to coat, paint and galvanize your custom fabrications.

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Some of the fabricated items that have gone through our shop:
  • Bake ovens
  • Kitchen hoods
  • Automobile mounting brackets
  • Conveyer systems
  • Stainless steel fabrication for medical facilities
  • Automated soap bottle fillers
  • Hydraulic cap dumpers
  • Stainless steel feed hoppers for ceramic coating processes
  • Prototype design and fabrication of specialty equipment
  • Fabrication and installation of process equipment
  • Conveyor fabrication and installation
  • Ladders, stairs, platforms
  • Decorative gutters, metal roofs, siding
  • Custom electrical panels
  • Wash tanks
  • Heat treat ovens

Welders certified to AWS standards in MIG, TIG, and stick welding