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A visual look at a quick response on a freezing day

Recently we helped Spencerville Local Schools following a major power outage on a freezing day. Take a look at a visual breakdown of the problems they faced and how we fixed each one.

VFDs Damaged Due To High Winds

Two 75 horsepower Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives were shorted when the incoming power lines crossed on the pole and short out because high winds recently on a cold Saturday afternoon at Spencerville Local Schools. Fast response was critical with sub-zero outside temperatures causing a potential risk of the building freezing up and potentially high property losses.



The (2) VFD’s that were operating exploded internally, causing irreversible damage. The stand-by VFD was not damaged and was brought on-line to provide flow from the geothermal wells for the building heating equipment.


Temporary Operation

After testing the pump motor, Smith-Boughan bypassed one VFD and wired it “direct.” With sub-zero temperatures outside, one motor was able to operate at 100 percent output with no ill side effects to the system.


Honeywell Smart HVAC VFD

Two replacement VFDs were quickly ordered and Smith-Boughan installed them the following Saturday to limit disruption to the school. The Smart VFD provides exceptional reliability and durability along with advanced software to integrate into existing BAS systems.


Providing Solutions

Smith-Boughan has the knowledge and experience within our service department that’s key to offering the best solution to your HVAC system needs.

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